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Bagshahi Bariatrics and General Surgery Tips for First Timers

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Bagshahi Bariatrics and General Surgery Tips for First Timers

Bagshahi Bariatrics is a board certified health facility in Texas. According to online reviewers, the institute has managed to maintain an impeccable reputation under Dr. Hossein Bagshahi’s tutelage, a surgeon who is adamant on helping patients from all walks of life. Dr. Bagshahi is also fellowship trained and has either suggested or introduced various bariatric procedures that have assisted patients with rapid weight loss.

At Bagshahi Bariatrics, patients are “trained” to adopt to their new and improved lifestyle rather than showing them out the door after the surgery. One should realize that gastric sleeve and bypass surgery is not a permanent solution.

Patients are normally given to understand that once the surgery is performed they are set for life, and no further adjustment to anything is needed. This sort of phenomenon is in fact a misrepresentation of services by amateur doctors who just want to rake in profit from unsuspecting patients.

On the contrary, a good health facility will always brief a person on the advantages and challenges associated with bariatrics surgery treatment. Doctors at Bagshahi Bariatrics understand that patients have to go a long way towards recovery. The entire process may take several months where patients are trained to take control of their food cravings and adopt to the new lifestyle and body where certain adjustments need to be made.

If you are suffering from obesity, you should know that Bagshahi Bariatrics Institute is not the only facility in Texas, Fort Worth, Frisco and other vicinities. There are several other small to large scale facilities in adjoining localities that specialize in treating patients as per their respective terms and policies.

These institutes commonly treat several cases, such as but not limited to:

  • Obesity
  • Slow metabolism
  • Gastric sleeve band leakage, blockage and such unforeseen issues.
  • Plastic surgery involving liposuction, tummy tucks etc.

Patients seeking treatment at Bagshahi Bariatrics Fort Worth are exposed to a pre op surgery diet. This diet is centered around high liquid in take to assist the body in reducing fat percentage around the liver and spleen. If, for some reason, a patient has failed to follow the diet, surgery may be delayed until the patient falls on the qualification criterion.

Bariatric treatments are a rewarding experience in the long run. All it takes is a little bit of will power and determination to stay focused. The internet is lined up with accounts of patients who’ve had success after undergoing gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and such surgeries.

If you are considering seeking assistance of a medical professional for weight loss, please know that surgery is just the first phase of the entire process. There are many other aspects that need to be considered and discussed with the doctor before dipping your toes in.

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