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How to Combat Obesity Early On in Life?

Obesity Epidemic in the US

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How to Combat Obesity Early On in Life?

Over the last few decades, obesity has become an epidemic all over the world. Especially, when we talk about children in the U.S. and the U.K, we see a wide percentage of youngsters who have the tendency to retain fats, rather than muscle mass. 20 years ago, children between the age of 4 and 5 years used to demonstrate low body fat percentage as compared to the modern generation from today’s day and date.

According to health experts, this trend could lead to devastating heart conditions, sugar, high cholesterol and various other diseases by the time the same obese kid grows up. Obesity will also increase the mortality rate according to forecasts made by various health panels. The question is how to combat obesity early on in life to help provide for a better future for mankind?

Helping Overweight Kids to Lose Weight

Obese children are to be encouraged to take part in healthy activities such as; sports, gym or any other games that require movement. Also, at the same time, nutrition is of vital importance. No matter how much a school or a local authority is cautious about on-campus menu, it comes down to the choices that parents make for their children.

Kids are often treated to high cholesterol and trans fat food items back at homes. Top it off with an abundant supply of chocolate, McDonalds or KFC deals and unhealthy drinks, you are looking at a failure to progression. Here are a few tips that will help you combat obesity early on in life – whether it is for your loved ones, or a youngster in the family.

  • Promote a Healthy Lifestyle: Include a variety of group or individual activities where the kids can engage in physical exertion. Be it football, swimming, running though obstacles or anything; make it fun and interesting to help motivate the kids.
  • Focus on Good Health: Set a diet plan for the entire week. This should constitute vegetables, meat, protein and other vitamins that are vital to the body’s optimal performance.
  • Establish Some Strict Rules: This might come as something harsh to you, but as a core member of the family, you need to encourage your kids to follow a routine. Children spend most of their time in front of the TV, mobile phones or other interactive devices that minimize the overall movement activity to an average of an hour or two per week.

This inactivity period can prolong the effects of obesity in such kids for years to come. Set a specific time of the day, or a weekend where kids are allowed to play videogames. Other than that, make sure they go out and indulge in physical activities.

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