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GERD Treatment in Fort Worth Is Readily Available

This article explains a few aspects of GERD Treatment in Fort Worth

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GERD Treatment in Fort Worth Is Readily Available

For what it’s worth, GERD Treatment in Fort Worth Texas is now available to patients who are looking for an easily affordable short term treatment. As a matter of fact, there are a handful of specialists who excel in treating cases pertaining to stomach, intestinal disorders, liver and stomach ulcers. GERD can lead to severe problems that may ultimately require a surgical solution.

This article explains a few aspects of GERD Treatment in Fort Worth – and different things associated with indigestion. Read on…

Name of the Disease: GERD / Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Specialist: Dr. Bagshahi

A Small Introduction to GERD Disease

Calling GERD a “disease” would not be the appropriate analogy. It is more of a disorder that develops over a series of bad eating habits, increased spices intake, and consumption of diet with a high proportion of acidity.

As a result, patients complain about sudden acid refluxes that shoots up the esophagus passage – especially during sleep or after a big meal. This reflux causes the patient to experience severe inflammation, heartburn and sometimes difficulty in breathing for a few minutes.

Minor issues are treated through proper medication. If your case has already advanced to a severe level, the GERD specialist might recommend a invasive procedure followed by a long term adjustment to the patient’s diet plan.

GERD refluxes occur when the sphincter muscle associated with the food channel is relaxed too much. As a result, whenever digested food contents from the stomach go back to the person’s mouth, he/she feels a shot of high acidity content. Have you ever heard of the “I just threw in my mouth” expression? That’s what GERD disease refers to in some context.

GERD Treatment in Fort Worth

In Fort Worth, GERD is treated through over the counter prescription drugs. A lot of GERD cases do not require invasive surgical procedures. However, it is absolutely true that chronic GERD patients need to make certain adjustments in their lifestyle. Likewise, the doctor may or may not recommend elevating the upper part of the body underneath a pillow.

GERD Surgery and Recovery

If GERD Treatment in Fort Worth involves a surgery, recovery may take a little over 2 – 3 weeks. At times when patients are not responding well to conventional antacid tablets, they are referred to a GERD specialist such as Dr. Bagshahi.

Depending on the severity of the disease, and seeing if ulcers are involved, the patient has to undergo Nissen or Linx surgery. Regardless, full recovery is possible only through a different lifestyle. If you are interested in seeking GERD Treatment in Fort Worth, don’t forget to contact Bagshahi Bariatric and General Surgery. You can also browse through different sections of our website to get further insight on this treatment, and how to prevent it at-home.

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