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New Trends in Bariatrics 2018 and What to Expect in The Coming Year?

Bariatric surgery is one of the most common obesity treatments around the world.

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New Trends in Bariatrics 2018 and What to Expect in The Coming Year?

Bariatric surgery is one of the most common obesity treatments around the world. However, U.S. and U.K. oversee a comparatively large percentage of patients who are unable to maintain optimal body weight due to any number of reasons.

While it is true that overweight people are shunned by the society because of various norms, nutritionists and Bariatrics experts try their best to help out people in need. Since the last few years, all thanks to technology advancements, the Bariatrics field has overseen an abundance of treatment methods. Especially if we talk about new trends in Bariatrics 2018, the procedures have not only improved but have also become less painful.

By the end of each year, experts analyze various medical trends in the industry to formulate strategies for the next year. This analysis is essential in determining whether to continue, innovate or stop with a certain treatment. As far as new trends in Bariatrics 2018 nd 2017 are concerned, patients reportedly had varied experiences. Take a look at the appended trends to see the future of bariatric treatments in the coming year.

  • Speculation About ORBERA

The ORBERA gastric balloon procedure was the most popular among new trends in Bariatrics 2017. In addition, doctors called off the decision to carry on with the lap band treatment. FDA also approved the use of latest intragastric balloon models. It is expected that ORBERA and other similar treatments will assist to meet the demands of patients from all over the world.

  • Omega Loop Procedure to be Replaced

It is not confirmed right now, but rumor has it that the omega loop procedure will be replaced. Also known as single anastomosis bariatric gastric bypass, the process was popular during the last few years. In fact, its overall time span was a little over 30 minutes.

According to doctors, a new procedure is under experimentation. So far, they have not provided any additional details, but it is expected that Omega Loop will be replaced or minimized in later months of year 2018.

  • Bariatrics Patients Not Aware About Coverage Plans

It was reportedly observed that 75% patients either are misled by doctors, or are not aware of their coverage plans. This further leads to a tumultuous relationship between both the doctors and patients that incur additional expenses concerning the complexity of the surgery itself.

To best get around such scenarios, please consult with Dr. Bagshahi before settling down with one procedure. In addition, new trends in Bariatrics 2018 have continued to use sleeve gastrectomies procedures throughout the year.

Sleeve gastrectomies remain a favored treatment because of overall popularity and vice versa. As a matter of fact, “sleeves” accounted for over 42% bariatric procedures from within the U.S.A. For more details about new trends in Bariatrics 2018, feel free to browse around our website. Don’t forget to share your speculation or experiences through the comments section below.

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